Terrifying Visions

Point Cost: 10
DN: Target's Willpower
Activation: Action
Duration: Sustained
Range: 25m
Multi-target: Yes
Keywords: Telepathy, Psychic
Prerequisite: Psyker must have the Scholastica Psykana Keyword.

Effect: The psyker selects a victim in sight to experience those dread things which only the Warp can visit upon a man. These take the form of intense, personal hallucinations that only the target can see — roll for Perils of the Warp to determine what the target experiences, treating them as the origin of the effect in question. These effects last as long as the psyker sustains the power or until the Perils of the Warp result runs its course. Terrifying Visions mentally taxes the psyker, causing them to suffer 1 Shock every minute they sustain the power (this requires a test to sustain). The psyker may not recover Shock while sustaining this power.


  • [1] The target suffers 1 temporary Intellect damage.
  • [1] +10 on the Perils of the Warp roll.
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