Slaught is popular among the more violent underhive gangs, though occasionally sees use among soldiers of the Astra Militarum as well. Also known as Onslaught, this combat stimulant contains a potent cocktail of adrenals and other drugs; patients' speed, reaction time, and aggression levels are all noticeably enhanced, but prolonged use can result in fatigue and neurological damage. A character under the effects of Slaught adds +2 to all pools that use Agility or Initiative and increases their Speed by 2, but suffers a +2 DN penalty on all Fellowship- and Intellect-based tests in addition to losing 1 Shock every turn. A single dose of Slaught lasts until the recipient becomes exhausted or combat ends, in which case all remaining Shock is lost.

Value: 4 Uncommon
Keywords: Imperium, Astra Militarum, Scum

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