Powered (X): Powered armour grants a bonus to the wearer's Strength equal to X, but imposes a +X DN penalty on Stealth tests.


Assault: When fired as part of a Multi-Action that includes a Movement action, Assault weapons reduce the DN to shoot them by 2.

Psychic Powers

Sustaining Powers: The +2 DN penalty for sustaining a psychic power only applies to Psychic Mastery tests.


A Reload represents an amount of ammunition sufficient for one skirmish, if fired conservatively. Reloads are intentionally abstract and may come in many forms: magazines, ammo belts, fuel tanks, charge levels, etc.

Capacity: A character can carry up to 3 + Strength/3 Reloads. Certain equipment can modify this limit. Reloads are normally specific to each weapon, and a weapon without Reloads cannot be used.

Losing Reloads: When a character fires a ranged Salvo or rolls an Out of Ammo complication, they lose one Reload. At the end of combat, the GM may deduct a Reload if a weapon has seen significant use without reloading.

Reloading: After losing a Reload due to shooting, a weapon must be reloaded as an Action. This does not consume a Reload - the ammunition loaded in a weapon still counts towards a character's capacity.

Sharing: Depending on the circumstances, the GM may allow characters to share Reloads. The action cost to do so can vary: passing a magazine is easy enough, but siphoning promethium from a fuel tank is more complicated.

Specialist Ammo: Special ammunition functions identically to Reloads and can be loaded as an Action. If the Special Reload in a weapon has not been lost by the end of combat, it may be removed for later use.


Medicae: Performing a Medicae test on yourself imposes a +1 DN penalty.

  • Cleanse: DN equal to the effect's DN modifier unless otherwise specified. Each shift removes an additional effect of equal or lesser difficulty.
  • First Aid: DN 3 if Lightly Wounded, or DN 4 if Heavily Wounded. Restores 1 Wound, plus an additional wound per shift during Regroups. Usable once per scene per character.
  • Revitalize: DN 3. Requires a Medikit. Restores 1d3+1 Shock.
  • Stabilize: DN 2 + # failed Defiance Checks. Success restores the character to 1 Wound.


Poisoned: Neurotoxins, xenos acids, and warp-spawned contagions are all considered poisons. A character that is poisoned must pass a Toughness test at the end of every turn or suffer 1 Mortal Wound. Troops automatically fail this test unless their Toughness is more than half the value of the poison's DN. The poisoned effect can be removed by either passing the required Toughness test or being treated via the Cleanse use of the Medicae skill.

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