Powered (X): Powered armour grants a bonus to the wearer's Strength equal to X, but imposes a +X DN penalty on Stealth tests.


Assault: When fired as part of a Multi-Action that includes a Movement action, Assault weapons reduce the DN to shoot them by 2.

Psychic Powers

Sustaining Powers: The +2 DN increase to all tests for sustaining a psychic power does not apply to tests which gain bonus dice from that same power. Sustaining additional powers can still increase the DN as normal. For example, a psyker that sustains the "Chameleon" power does not increase the DN for Stealth tests, but does for every other type of test.


A Reload represents an amount of ammunition sufficient for one skirmish, if fired conservatively. Reloads are intentionally abstract and may come in many forms: magazines, ammo belts, fuel tanks, charge levels, etc.

Capacity: A character can carry up to 3 + Strength/2 Reloads. Certain equipment can modify this limit. Reloads are normally specific to each weapon, and a weapon without Reloads cannot be used.

Losing Reloads: When a character fires a ranged Salvo or rolls an Out of Ammo complication, they lose one Reload. At the end of combat, the GM may deduct a Reload if a weapon has seen significant use without reloading.

Reloading: After losing a Reload due to shooting, a weapon must be reloaded as an Action. This does not consume a Reload - the ammunition loaded in a weapon still counts towards a character's capacity.

Sharing: Depending on the circumstances, the GM may allow characters to share Reloads. The action cost to do so can vary: passing a magazine is easy enough, but siphoning promethium from a fuel tank is more complicated.

Specialist Ammo: Special ammunition functions identically to Reloads and can be loaded as an Action. If the Special Reload in a weapon has not been lost by the end of combat, it may be removed for later use.


Medicae: Performing a Medicae test on yourself imposes a +1 DN penalty.

  • Cleanse: DN equal to the effect's DN modifier unless otherwise specified. Each shift removes an additional effect of equal or lesser difficulty.
  • First Aid: DN 3 if Lightly Wounded, or DN 4 if Heavily Wounded. Restores 1 Wound, plus an additional wound per shift during Regroups. Usable once per scene per character.
  • Revitalize: DN 3. Requires a Medikit. Restores 1d3+1 Shock.
  • Stabilize: DN 2 + # failed Defiance Checks. Success restores the character to 1 Wound.
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