Foam Grenade

More commonly seen in the hands of terrestrial or ship-borne firefighters than armed combatants, foam grenades are little more than globes containing pressurized fire suppressant. These devices self-rupture when exposed to intense heat, but also feature a pin for time-delay activation. Upon detonation, their self-aspirating contents rapidly expand to extinguish flames in the surrounding area. The dispensed foam disintegrates after 1d6+1 rounds, but prevents the ignition of anything it coats while active.

Any creature that remains in the covered area suffers from the hindered (1) effect until they leave the foam.

Foam Grenade: (0 +0ED; AP 0; Range Strength x 4m [T], as launcher [R]; Salvo 0; Blast (Medium))
Value: 3 Uncommon
Keywords: Explosive, Imperium

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