Point Cost: 20
DN: Target's Willpower (Opposed)
Activation: Full Action
Duration: Sustained
Range: 30m
Multi-target: No
Keywords: Telepathy, Psychic
Prerequisite: Psyker must have the Inquisition Keyword.

Effect: The psyker engages in an Opposed Willpower test test against the target. If they win, the target's free will is completely suppressed, allowing the psyker to command them telepathically. Dominate drains the psyker mentally, causing them to suffer 1d3 Shock every round they sustain the power (this requires a test to sustain). The psyker may not recover Shock while sustaining this power.


  • *[1] Time to Activate reduced to an Action.
  • *[2] Shock instead taken every minute while sustaining the power.
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