Corvus Mk VI

Designed as a successor to the advanced Mk IV Maximus armour that was derailed by the Horus Heresy, Mk VI Corvus armour is distinctive for its relatively clean appearance and elongated, conical nose – designed to house additional systems, including advanced Autosenses. It boasts an adaptable design that makes its parts interchangeable with those of both older and newer models, but sacrifices a degree of protection for mobility.

Armour Rating: 4

Stealthy: The MK VI's lightweight, mobility-focused design reduces its penalty to Stealth tests by 2.
Sensor Suite: Augur systems housed in the Mk VI "Corvus" armour's beak grant +1d on Awareness tests.

Value: 9 (Very Rare)
Keywords: Powered, Imperium, Adeptus Astartes

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