Archetype Tier BP Cost Description
Adeptus Arbites
Enforcer 1 0 A keeper of the peace, trained in brutal suppression tactics.
Arbitrator 2 20 A stalwart officer of the Adeptus Arbites, dedicated to upholding Imperial law.
Judge 3 50 A hardened dispenser of the Emperor's justice, given special dispensation.
Adeptus Mechanicus
Electro-Priest 3 50 A fanatical devotee of the Motive Force, an aspect of the Omnissiah.
Agents of the Imperium
Navigator 2 50 A member of the Navis Nobilite, psykers able to guide ships through the Warp.
Battlesuit Pilot 3 60 Veterans and heroes of the Tau Empire, trained to operate powerful battlesuits.
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